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Grow your business to the next level with clear brand strategy and marketing solutions.

Avenue 34


We offer a focused selection of services to help you win! 

Brand Strategy

Craft your brand identity
Develop your messaging
Draw your marketing roadmap

Marketing Solutions

Web design & development
Social media marketing
Search engine optimization

Customer Service Training

Customer service
Inside management consulting

Your Vision in Action

We help small businesses in the heart of America achieve what they never thought was possible!




Our Brand Clarity System is a complete brand strategy guide to discovering your brand identity, how to present it to the world in every aspect of your business, and how to apply it to the customer experience and business growth. 


The language you use to communicate with  your customers! Developing the right tone for your brand.


Your team is what helps you win! Attracting great people begins with a clear brand identity. 

Vision, Mission. Values

The heart of your business! 

Defining why you started, where you're going, and how you're going to get there!

Target Audience

You're in business to serve a particular customer, patient, or client. Who is that? 

Get Excited About The Numbers!


more profit in your business if it's customer-centric and the customers feel it.


of the world's population uses social media. 


and more potential buyers go online to check out a business before making a decision.


of businesses still don't have a website.
Now's your chance!


of business marketing leaders know that customer experience is the defining factor of success in business.

Avenue 34

Are you ready to grow
your business? 

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