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Avenue 34 LLC

Our Mission

When you work with our team at Avenue 34, we take the time to listen to your needs and goals to help us learn more about your "why" which helps us shape your brand messaging to be unique to your business.​

Our Brand Clarity System is a complete brand strategy guide to discovering your brand identity, how to present it to the world in every aspect of your business, and how it will contribute to the customer experience and business growth. 

Ready to find clarity in your business? 

Our Values


Giving just one more. 


We are straightforward with team members and clients. 


Challenging negativity. We are positive, optimistic, but human.  


Doing the right thing. Every time. 


Living in truth. Owning mistakes. Celebrating wins. 


Finishing what we start.

Kansas became the 34th state on January 29,1861. 

We're proud to be doing big things from this small state. 

We serve small businesses in the
Heart of America,

from the Heart of America!

Get Started

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Are we a good fit for one another?
Let's find out! 

What is your biggest need?

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